Arachne was a minor villain in Flushed Away: The Video Game She is a huge Brazilian spider who dwells in her lair deep in the sewers of England and is the mother of all the spiders in the area.


Flushed Away - The Game

Voice Actor: Miranda Robinson

Originally from Brazil, Arachne had had many husbands. After eating one of her husbands, Ronaldo, Arachne was overcome with indigestion and fell asleep with her children in a banana crate which then somehow made it into the London sewers. Missing her home, Arachne attempted to recreate it with Christmas lights and random objects in the sewer. One day, as Arachne was cleaning her quarters, Roddy wandered in and the spider explained to him about her past. The rat then insisted that he should be leaving but the hungry spider then decides to try to eat Roddy. Using her need for tidiness to his advantage, Roddy threw Arachne's eggs around, causing the spider to constantly try to pick them up. While she was distracted, Roddy would beat the spider down with his toothpick. Eventually, Roddy defeated Arachne and, on his way out of her lair, found another toothpick resembling a sword. Pulling it out of an olive, Roddy held up his new weapon in triumph.


  • The character Arachne may have been inspired by the mythological weaver with the same name who was also a spider as well
  • Arachne's tendency to eat her husbands is an allusion to real-life spiders who do the same thing
  • Arachne is the only major character in the game that does not appear in the film